Hot Springs of Oregon

There are fewer hot springs than there are hikes (see previous post) and I would like to dip my toes in all of them at least once if it’s possible. This is extra-credit for the hiking list, as most hot springs don’t require a hike. These are the hot springs I have been able to visit:

  1. Bagby
  2. Belknap
  3. Deer Creek
  4. Crystal Crane
  5. Wall Creek
  6. McCredie
  7. Ritter

Kudos to these folks for the great map and list, which made me realize that I have been to very few of them. Of all of them, I’ve always preferred Belknap simply because the setup is so great. There’s no waiting, it’s never crowded, the river frontage is gorgeous, and the mixing is perfect- much better than getting repeatedly burnt and/or freezing as at McCredie. But Bagby runs a close second, even though it’s been years since we moved out of the area. And Crystal Crane at sunrise is simply amazing.



~ by futureplanetary on July 25, 2015.

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